Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Special: Purcell's Funeral Music for Queen Mary

I'm not dead, Gentle Readers! I haven't even had a nasty cold. My dissertation research has, however, seriously compromised my opera-going schedule of late. I'm hoping to get a double helping of Mozart/Da Ponte before the month is out, catching the end of Frankfurt's Così fan tutte run, and the beginning of Mainz's Don Giovanni. For the last few weeks, though, I've been getting my musical fixes from choir rehearsals (with this neat choir,) where Heinrich Schütz's Matthäuspassion and Purcell's Funeral Music are reaching the pre-concert phase of introducing and playing around with exciting nuances. This is my first time singing Purcell, and I love it a lot; when it comes to choral music, few things make me happier than English polyphony and interesting alto lines. Here is a performance by the Ensemble La Fenice:


  1. a bit unrelated.. but might you be around jul 16 this year? am planning to go to a Kasarova's Händel's recital in Mannheim (flight probably to Frankfurt), would be great to meet up! might you be also interested in the recital? it's part of Mannheim's summer mozart festival. (on related note might you have a couch? :-) ) -thadieu

    1. Hi, Thadieu! I'd love to meet up, but I'm not yet sure quite what my timing will be around the 16th (I'm in the UK for a conference just before, and might need to combine that trip with library work.) I don't have a couch, but can talk my landlord into giving me an extra mattress for the floor if I'm around… will let you know as my plans firm up. :)

    2. hi Lucy, greetings from warm and humid east coast! so i'll be in Mannheim on 16th for the recital as i mentioned, do you know if you'll be around? would love to meet up (and perhaps go to recital too?) -thadieu

    3. Thadieu! I'm so sorry, I didn't even see this before now (and I have no idea why!) It would have been in vain, alas, in any case, as I've been running around like an operatic madwoman, but I'm sorry not to have been in touch. Hope your trip was good!


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