Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dov'è eravamo? September miscellany

September is upon us, Gentle Readers, and with it the return of additional academic responsibilities.  This autumn will be the second half of my preparation time for the oral exams for which I have been studying throughout the summer. I'm also teaching two classes, full to bursting with students who need to acquire skills, and who I hope will acquire some enthusiasm for the subject. I know, it's nothing to do with you... except that all this activity will probably result in a somewhat pared-back blogging schedule. The other possibility is that I will go slightly insane and attempt to take refuge in my familiar rituals of attending classical music events, resulting in a frenzy of emotionally overwrought responses to same. Stay tuned to find out what happens! In any case, I'll be enjoying the glorious golden weather and the autumn fruit, and I hope you'll be able to do likewise. I'll take this opportunity to note that subscribing to posts in some form (whether by RSS feed or following the blog) will save you the trouble of checking back for posts that aren't here. For now, though, Gentle Readers, I leave you with Keats and Rilke, and one of the few lesson scenes in opera which does not involve disguises and/or crazy hijinks.


  1. Dear Lucy,
    Have fun and do not go insane!
    Best regards

  2. Happy fall semester! The conclusion to a good lesson (I couldn't find a clip of the first Prize Song with Sachs's commentary):

  3. @FanaticoUm Thanks! I'll do my best!

    @Zerbinetta Can't believe I didn't think of Meistersinger. That's gorgeous... thanks!

  4. Knowing some of your operatic proclivities and realizing how much leisure time will now be at you're disposal I thought I might suggest this (which I just stumbled upon) to help you pass some of same.

  5. @marcillac Ooh, thank you for this dangerously tempting cornucopia. There is always time for Fidelio. :)


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