Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ein ernster Tag, ein grosser Tag! Ein Ehrentag, ein heiliger Tag!

Right now, I am euphorically happy.  The Metropolitan Opera, after giving me multiple surveys in which they did not ask how financial considerations affected my ticket-buying habits, have introduced a Student Club.  Behold the promised land: here is the link to registration with details of all the privileges appertaining thereto.  It's true that the option to buy $25 or $35 tickets on the morning of performances that aren't sold out has long existed; it's just been very difficult to find that out on the website.  And in my 2.5 years of Met attendance, none of the flyers I got in the mail advertised that, either.  Furthermore, student tickets have in the past proven to be chimerical; the Beloved Flatmate and I have asked, not infrequently, about availability, only to be rebuffed.  But the wilderness years are (possibly) over!  If these student tickets, quantity and location unknown, continue to be elusive, then it does me no good to be rejected over e-mail as well as on the phone or in person.  But, if this does mark a turning point, who knows how many performances I may attend sitting down during the second half of the season?  And there are more benefits: dress rehearsal access (so exciting) and shop discounts (that could be dangerous, of course... but still exciting.)  Oh, Metropolitan Opera, ricco non sono, ma un core vi dono.


  1. Sitting down! Truly a luxury, one which I also rarely experience!

    I actually used the old student ticket policy a lot. You could call the box office and they would tell you if they had the tickets or not, and they would sometimes tell you how many tickets there were (as in, there aren't many get here now, or there are lots, you can come later). Of course it wouldn't work on anything hot, but if you like the badly-selling obscurities you could often get something. Bless the Met, though, everything's been selling better recently, and last season very few shows were available.

    But this is a great improvement!

  2. That sounds remarkably reasonable of you (and the Met.) Maybe I just had bad luck; it took me long enough to figure out that student tickets existed that by then I was in a standing room habit, anyway.

    I will be sure to report on my further explorations of these exciting new possibilities!

  3. Lucy,
    I enjoy your blog very much. If you are interested in attending dress rehearsals at the Met you might get in touch with me at I can give you details readily in a private email.


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