Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Special: #operaplot

Rejoice, lovers of opera and witty banter: the season of #operaplot is upon us!  What is #operaplot, you ask?  A week (April 11-15) of opera lovers laughing maniacally while hunched over their computer screens, summarizing their favorite profound works of operatic art in a maximum of 140 characters of whimsical poetry or prose, and enjoying the efforts of others to do the same.  It takes place on Twitter, under the auspices of The Omniscient Mussel (Twitter handle @missmussel.)  While the game's the thing, it's technically a competition, with an impressive prize pool and a celebrity judge, the amazing (and, as demonstrated here, funny) Eric Owens:

I imagine that if you are on Twitter, you are already aware of this impending hilarity; if you've been waiting for an excuse to take the Twitter-plunge, this is a good one!  It's a spectator sport, too, which I very much enjoyed last year.  Even without a Twitter account, you can simply put #operaplot in the search bar and chuckle as you watch the entries tick by.  If last year is anything to go by, the fun won't end on the 15th, either, as the entries are collected and collated, and opera nerds, er, enthusiasts everywhere put their heads together to match cryptic Tweets with the operas they describe.  I'm very excited. For rules and FAQ, go here.  I will, of course, be hunched over my own laptop, laughing maniacally, making my own submissions, and delighting in those of others. 

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  1. I read the winners from last year, and just rolled around laughing. There's nothing like opera nerds being silly together. Wish we could do this all the time.


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