Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Johannisnacht 2014, Mainz
 A Confession, Gentle Readers: sadly, the last few weeks of the regular opera season around here coincided with successive academic conferences I was rushing about to. Thus, the last few weeks of my time in Germany, which I'd dreamed of filling with irresponsible and irrepressible opera-going, have coincided with the beginning of the Sommerpause, or summer break. Alas. Unable to do anything about this but shed a quiet tear over the Frankfurt season brochure as I consign it to the carefully-sorted trash, I am thus attempting stoicism as I pack all my worldly goods. I'm hoping to be officially moved into NYC (again!) by the beginning of August, in good time for the last hurrah of the city's festivals. I have academic work to do, aged relatives to visit, and nuptials to attend, however, so the length of my own summer break in opera-going is as yet uncertain. Although I have not yet found an apartment, I do know that the women with whom I will be sharing living quarters in the coming year also like opera and opera-going. First things first. And opera-going again soon. But for now, a brief Sommerpause between the excitements of German houses, and whatever New York has to offer.


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  2. Good luck with your move to NYC Lucy. I don't know if you will get the transmission for WMNR public radio in the city or not (the station is located in Connecticut) , but on Tuesday nights Doug Fox hosts a wonderful program called Evening at the Opera, that I grew up listening to with my dad.

    I live upstate in New York and can no longer get the station because my internet is funky and won't let me listen to the program, but when I lived on Long Island in New York I could hear it just fine. Hopefully if you wish you'll check it out.

    I am also posting to tell you that I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award @

    If you choose to do the challenge, I hope you'll have fun with it! Thanks and again, best wishes with your move. Welcome to New York! =D


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