Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Special: Ubi caritas

Mainz's cathedral, photographed from the opera house
Since reporting from Tannhäuser, Gentle Readers, I've been so out of touch with local opera that I barely know what I missed. (Except the prima of Rinaldo here in Mainz, for which there were no student tickets.) This shocking state of affairs has been brought about by academic deadlines. Once I've presented on my research this week, though, things will be better; and once November 15--favorite deadline for funding organizations and conference organizers alike--is past, opera-going will become positively reckless once more. Rinaldo has only a few more dates, but I'm going to try to make one of them. A new production of Gluck's Ezio opens in Frankfurt this month, which I'm quite excited about. Prokoviev's Love for Three Oranges--possibly the perfect pick-me-up opera for dreary winter weather--comes to Wiesbaden. Perhaps most excitingly, from December to mid-January, Darmstadt will be celebrating the bicentenary of Georg Büchner with a double bill of Wozzeck-operas. For now, though, Gentle Readers, I leave you with this recent setting of Ubi Caritas, courtesy of this week's choir rehearsal:


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  2. Dear Lucy,
    Last summer my blog had been bullied by a German speaking commentator. With the support of the editor of an online classic magazin I finally got his email adress. This magazin was also hit by the same bully. This person presents himself as an opera expert, even as a famous former Met tenor!, and spreads out bad rumours about singers in opera blogs and forums. He prefers the blogs of female editors. I know his writing style quite well and think he is already on your blog. He is not registered, uses different pseudonyms, mostly female names. Because of this person I don't allow anonymous comments any more. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions re. this matter.
    Have a nice evening!


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