Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nuits et jours d'été: Summer Schedule Survey

Well, Gentle Readers, it is mid-June, and nary an estival festival do I have to show for it. I have danced at my first wedding of the summer, and am well-launched on the juggling of the season's academic responsibilities, but heart and mind, eye and ear alike have begun to pine after the opera house. Still, the city's summer schedule hardly seems overflowing with opportunities to sate this craving. Kaija Saariaho's Émilie is the only thing currently penciled into my diary, although the rigors and expenses of travel may prove insufficient to keep me from taking a bus to sample the bel canto delights of Caramoor. Clearly, this is not enough. And so, Gentle Readers, I solicit what Definitely the Opera has termed the vox blogguli: tell me via the survey below, or more expansively in the comment section, what you would like to see featured here during the long months of opera's off-season.

  • Opera DVD reviews
  • Films featuring opera
  • Novels related to opera
  • Non-fiction related to opera
  • CD reviews
  • Live events which you have inexcusably not mentioned
  • Something else, as I will outline in the comments
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  1. And gorgeous they are, those wedding dance pictures. (thx, Facebook)

  2. Why do we only get to pick one? There are several fun and interesting options there!

    1. Because I couldn't find a multi-option embeddable survey... do feel free to write in! :)

    2. Ah, okay. Well, I'd love to see reviews of opera-based novels, and also films about operas and dvd productions. :)


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