Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Special: In einem kühlen Grunde

I don't promise that this will become a regular feature, Gentle Readers, but I hope it will become a semi-regular one: tidbits of things suitable to soothing Sunday afternoons.  Many of you might say "Soothing?  This is depressing! Morbid, even!"  Ah, well... I have a hypothesis that early childhood familiarity with German Volkslieder gives one a somewhat, er, distinctive perspective on these matters.  Or, I might just be peculiar.  Either way, I think this is absolutely lovely.  Enjoy:


  1. I cannot really imagine his way of singing might have triggered her to leave. Even without any childhood familiarity with German Volkslieder on my part, I certainly can confirm it sounds 'lovely'. I trust you to be peculiar enough to provide us with more of these musical gifts in the future. Cheers you up on an, otherwise, "depressing" sunday afternoon :).

  2. It's his voice here that is soothing, you got that right. What amazingly compact colour... just splendid.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it. "Compact color" is a lovely way to describe it, DTO. I'll try to keep it up, Rob.

  4. There is nice "Sitz" (placement) and complete healthy connection of breath and enunciation in how Prey renders this. Even when it gets a little throaty, it is superb technique.


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