Saturday, January 8, 2011

Elina, Karel, and Carmen

The pavements of the Bronx are icy, and I'm holed up getting work done instead of going to the opera.  But before this blog resumes its regular programming next week, here's a tidbit to warm you in wintriest weather.  In the two performances I've heard her in, Elina Garanca has wowed me with her vocal talent and ability, and left me wishing there were more apparent connection between her voice and the drama of the music she sings.  Here she is, in a 2006 concert, singing "Les tringles des sistres tintaient."  Her husband, Karel Mark Chichon, is on the podium.  If you can't see the entire frame of this video in the blog, click through to YouTube so that you can.

Cold is the last word I'd use.  Am I imagining things?  Is this hometown crowd magic? Should the opera houses of the world be asking for more of the Garanca-Chichon couple at the same time?


  1. It's probably hometown magic. I think she debuted Carmen in the Riga National Theater. It looked like a terrific production set in Cuba.
    I think it probably depends on which director she is working with and how comfortable she is with them.
    I get the impression that Ms. Garanca is a very professional singer and she probably just isn't as comfortable expressing herself to the American crowd, who she really doesn't know as well.


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